Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can a five-year-old paint this?

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I've always been a fan of abstract art (to view or paint), because to me, it has the capacity to reflect imagination in a way that is unique to each individual. I love it especially because it lets me visualize a person's sense of design, style, and perspective unlike any other form of art. But the question always pops up: How do "they" determine which abstract paintings are worth what?

And couldn't a five-year-old paint this?

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Or this?
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If you haven't heard about Aelita Andre, she's an avid eater, sleeper, and pooper. But she's also a five-year-old abstract expressionist prodigy. Are you artsier than a 5-year-old? (Or did school kill your creativity?)

If you're curious at all, watch her in action. I'm still fascinated.
What I think the greatest thing about her art is that she's entirely fearless with the whole process. When you're a kid, you don't care about whether or not your painting is going to be appreciated by others or if you'll gain anything out of it. You do something because it's fun, and you do it with a sense of freedom too.

I remember doing a whole bunch of that Jackson Pollock style painting at Fun Craft parties when I was five, but all that's left of my "R-O-B-I-N" collection are these:

When I try painting sometimes, this is what goes through my head:
- I hope I make something good
- I better not ruin this $15 canvas
- I can't waste so much paint!
- I shouldn't be wasting so much time with this
- I'm making a mess!

Greatness comes when we stop worrying, and start doing what we love.

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