Thursday, June 13, 2013

Magic is Everywhere.

"Drop the the. Just Facebook. It's cleaner."
- The Social Network

A friend of mine texted me last night, addressing the title of this blog, adding that JT had some good advice for me. I find it funny that the movie's name isn't just "Social Network." 

But I do want to address this blog's title, "The Forever Tourist." Or "Forever Tourist," whatever. 

I chose it for two reasons:

1) To create a fun environment in which I can document and share new things I try, and inspire feedback/people to tell me about new things I should try (if not directly by comments, then by simply reaching out to me personally, doesn't matter). Essentially, to promote the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things

2) To never stop doing this. To never become satisfied with familiarity, and to always put yourself in a tourist's shoes. Because the minute you look down from those skyscrapers, the magic stops. There are always new places to go, new faces to meet, and new things to be discovered. It's simply infinite. The reason I'm writing is so that we don't all become old farts who forget the magic. It's always going to be there, and I don't ever want to stop looking!

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