Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What are you juggling?

Bryant Park in the summer is so lively, and being able to witness New York's diverse crowds coming together to play always leaves me feeling enchanted in a sense. I captured this shot of a group of people learning to juggle from each other today, because I took it as a statement of the magnitude to which we rely on each other to help develop our skills, whether it be in juggling or organic chemistry. I watched as people dropped things, picked themselves back up, noticed others succeeding, and tried to imitate behavior.

So what are you juggling today? Is it work, or family, or friends, or school, or something else you want to get off your chest? I'm juggling a few things: 1) finding the time to write/read each day to better articulate my thoughts, 2) spending time with my family, knowing that I'll have to leave for school soon, 3) learning to actually ACT on my ideas/thoughts rather than having them accumulate and lose value, and 4) remembering to enjoy the summer before it flies by before my eyes.

I'm sharing all of this specifically to point out one of my major intentions with this blog: to create an open exchange of ideas that either agree with, challenge, or assist in my own thought process. With that said, I'd love to hear your thoughts - on anything I've written thus far, via any mode of communication. I'm doing all that I can to become a better person, and I need your help. 

P.S. the idea can always be reversed. If you have an issue, or even just something you would like to improve upon, talk it out, and learn from people. If you think I can help, contact me via FacebookTwitter, or email me at robinmehta94@gmail.com. I can't stress how often I, among others, have been too proud to ask for direction, when it could have saved me a boatload of time and frustration. Let's be better about this. 

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